SUP Buddy

SUP Buddy



Tired of spilling your drink while playing on the water? We've got your back!

SUPBUDDY® is a beverage holder for your SUP, iSUP, boat, shower, camper van, etc. The koozie easily attaches to the base using Velcro®, so you can simply set your drink down and never spill it again. The base has strong suction cups to adhere to smooth hard surfaces, and a Velcro® strap that can be looped around tie downs and most latching points.

  • 1 koozie with Velcro® bottom

  • 1 base with Velcro® top, 3 suction cups, and one Velcro® strap

  • 1 mesh bag for extras and empties

Great for:

  • Hard smooth surfaces (such as traditional gloss coated epoxy boards)

  • Inflatable or soft top boards with latching point (such as d-rings and tie-downs)


  • Each base can accomodate up to 3 koozies, so you never go thirsty. 

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