Salish Skinny

Salish Skinny


The Salish is a hybrid design where we have combined a high aspect shape with a teardrop into a 460cm2 blade size.  With its subtle scoop, vertical sides and square shoulders it has a forgiving yet solid catch with more power than you would expect from a blade of this size. Originally designed for smaller paddlers the Salish has grown to be one of our most popular shapes among paddlers of all sizes.  

The Salish is available in Carbon with a 26mm fixed or adjustable shaft for smaller paddlers or our regular 29mm fixed length shaft for larger paddlers who want a smaller blade for less fatigue or higher cadence.

The Salish is also available in our Fishskin technology with a 26mm adjustable shaft for a durable, price point option for smaller paddlers.

Blade angle 10 degrees

  • High performance for smaller paddlers, or regular paddlers who want a smaller blade.

  • 26mm fixed shaft - skinny shaft

  • Ergo handle

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