Flounder Pounder Lime Pre Order

Flounder Pounder Lime Pre Order

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Gnaraloo Flounder Pounder Soft Top Surfboard by Global Surf Industries

Total Cost of Board: $350 - $400. 50% due to order, 25% due end of February 2019, and 25% due end of March 2019. Board arrive in April 2019. Deliver and/or Shipping can be arranged

The Gnaraloo Softshell Flounder Pounder combines shortboard performance into one of the most user-friendly softboard designs on the market.

SKIN: Thick Polyethylene deck and a soft slick skin on the bottom is super durable, yet soft enough to keep beginners safe.

CORE: Expanded polystyrene core with TRIPLE internal stringer system produces a rigid flex pattern that can be pushed hard through turns. Other softboards can over flex, but the integrity of the rocker is maintained in the Flounder Pounder bringing the feel closer to a traditional fiberglass surfboard.

CONSTRUCTION: Safe for all skill levels, the vacuum construction process eliminates hard or sharp surfaces, and prevents peeling or bubbling.

FEATURES: Leash plug with HD internal reinforcements plus FCS compatible fin boxes and flexible thruster fin set makes it fast and easy to hit the water, and upgrade the performance of the board with stiffer fins.

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LengthWidthThick Volume Fins (Supplied With Board) (Based On Beginner To Intermediate Skill Level)

5'6''21''3'' 45 ltr Fino/FCS Soft Fins 75kg / 165lb or less

6'0''21 5/8''3 1/8'' 52 ltr Fino/FCS Soft Fins 85kg / 187lb or less

6'6''22 3/8''3 1/8" 59 ltr Fino/FCS Soft Fins 95kg / 209lb or less