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The Whiskey is part of the ARBOR SNOWBOARDS collection and is an ideal all mountain board. Constructed with a single malt core, sintered base, spoon tips, ash power ply top and embedded with the rocker system. This surfy ride is sure to float you down the mountain ready to ride again. 

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Power Ply Top - Sustainable sourced wood acts as a layer of fiberglass that adds strength, durability and longevity to the board allowing Arbor Boards to be less reliant on man made glues coatings and composites. Also what gives Arbor it's distinct and unforgettable look. Just beautiful.

The Rocker System - grip tech and parabolic profiling is blended in such a way that this board offers a surfy ride, with clean tracking and natural float

Grip Tech - heel - to - toe contact points that facilitate a more natural connection to the snow while turning.  

Parabolic Profiling - creates a low profile that helps ensure contact points are at the ready when maximum performance is needed

Spoonhead - all mountain shape  to function in all types of snow

Single Malt - wood core sourced from sustainable grown poplar wood, offers durability and longevity

2x4 14-pack - wide stance range

Biax Glassing -  a biax over biax lay-up creating a good base for learning

360 Rails - fully wrapped sidewall that helps improve board life and durability