Unlimited x Loaded Tesseract Cruiser - Complete -

Unlimited x Loaded Tesseract Cruiser - Complete -



  • Length: 99cm l Width: 24cm l Wheelbase: 62.2-66cm

Stable yet agile.

Combines Loaded’s flagship freeride deck with the Unlimited Cruiser System for a super damp, stable and agile ripper. Great for anyone, this is our most stable and speed-friendly Unlimited Complete offering.

  • Built with the Unlimited Cruiser Kit.

  • Basalt Tesseract deck for ultimate high speed e-skate stability.

  • Dark Blue because it’s the most aerodynamic color.

  • Great range and easily upgradable.

  • Paris V3 180mm 43° Trucks.

  • Custom Orangatang Nipple Bushing setup.

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  • Push to start: Must be going at least 2 km/h to engage motors (for safety).

  • Regenerative braking

  • Intuitive remote user interface

  • Ride modes: 3 selectable ride modes (Snail, Eco, Pro) for beginner to advanced riders.

  • User-tunable app: Dial in the performance to your exact preferences (acceleration, deceleration, and maximum speed) with our app. Select user mode.


  • Cruise: Press and hold A to set cruise control at your current speed. Release A to deactivate.

  • Nitro: Press and hold B at full throttle for an extra boost of speed.