Youth Surf/SUP/Skate

Youth Surf/SUP/Skate

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1.5 – 2 hour long instructed and supervised class Tuesday’s at 6:30pm for children ages 6 to 12. The class will be recreational in nature and introduce youth to Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Surfing, and Skate Boarding. This program will teach children new skills, and safe ways to interact with the water.

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Program will run June, July and Augiust.

Class Passes allow the flexibility for parents to work within busy summer schedules. Please note that class max size cannot be exceeded. we will do our best to accommodate everyone’s schedules but cannot make exceptions for safety reasons.

The first Tuesday of each month is SUP and Surf Basics. This is a mandatory lesson that must be attended before the intermediate surf / SUP class can be attended.

1st Tuesday - SUP and Surf Basics

2nd Tuesday - Intermediate SUP and/or Surf

3rd Tuesday - Intermediate SUP and/or Surf

4th Tuesday - Skate and Longboard lesson