Surf Basics

Surf Basics

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Let us give you the best possible start to surfing our Lake Huron waves…

Our experienced instructors will give you a basic understand of waves, the how, what, why, when and where.

We will navigate you through boards, fins, leashes and answer the question “ What exactly is sex wax and where does it go?”

we put a strong emphasis on surf and water safety and touch on the difference between lake and ocean hazards.

Learn necessary skills such as paddling, the pop up, timing, and catching that can be utilized no matter where you surf.

We head out whether there are waves or not!

Kincardine - Saturday’s at 10am

space is limited. we maintain a ratio of 1 instructor per 5 people.

Wetsuit Rental?:
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What do I need to Bring?

1) your self and Stoke

2) towel and warm clothes to change into

3) bathing suit, rash guard, or athletic gear to wear under the wetsuit - helps with getting the suit on and off

4) wetsuit if you have one. If not we have wetsuits you can rent.