Voodoo 5/4/3

Voodoo 5/4/3

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Hyperflex’s new Voodoo HFZ brings major advancements in cold water wetsuit technology. Highlighting Voodoo is the introduction of AtomicFoam™ Super Stretch Neoprene, which we internally-lined with our new AQ6™ thermal fabric. Additionally, the Chest/Back/Hood is equipped with our new ReactorCore+™ insulation panels. Voodoo HFZ also benefits from our new Cocoon™ Entry Point & Closure System design. All seams are glued and blind stitched and sealed with our FusionWeld™  liquid tape.  Simply put, Voodoo increases warmth without increasing thickness allowing you to surf lighter, longer, and warmer.

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Duratex Kneepads
a highly abrasion-resistant textile outer surface which does not inhibit movement and adds additional protection and comfort to the knee.

AtomicFoam™ Neoprene
infused with a higher count of molecular air cells achieving a warmer insulation rating for the same thickness and weight.

AQ6™ Thermal Fabric
a soft, thin fibrous fabric which internally lines 90% of the suit which increases warmth, comfort, and has quick dry properties while also allowing for maximum stretch.

ReactorCore+™ Insulation Panels
A light weight honeycombed hollow membrane with a closed-cell outer mesh skin with a heat boosting & moisture-wicking micro fleece interior lining that acts like a miniature factory which dramatically increases heat applied to blood before it is pumped through the body.

G-Lock PK Zipper
features a high-grade stainless steel slider for corrosion resistance and an improved zipper tooth design making it virtually waterproof.

GBS Seams
we double-glue and blind-stitch all seams using a single-needle which does not puncture a hole all the way through the neoprene which prevents water from leaking in while also maintaining a highly flexible and low-profile construction.

FusionWeld™ Sealed Seams
applied as a liquid which penetrates seams and fibers forming a molecular bond which prevents water exchange and increases seam strength and durability.

CyclopseCinch™ Hood Adjustment
we secured the hood cinch cord to the hood to prevent it from flapping around in your face. No more poking your eye out while you shred.

Key Stash
tuck pocket with key loop

Cocoon™ Entry Point & Closure System
designed with a singular wide-hatch opening which allows you to slide in and out of your suit with ease while sealing water out with an anti-flush head gusset panel.

AnchorPoint Reinforcement Tabs
all critical seam intersections are strengthened with heat-applied reinforcement tabs.


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