LJ 2.2

LJ 2.2


Designed for performance and comfort in warm water temperatures (21-25°C), Atlas Long John 2.2mm has a vintage style and is made of Limestone derived from the deterioration of the rock.

Not a drop of oil can be found in its components. A flatlock construction allows high durability. The lining and surface fabric (which is made of 100% recycled polyester from used plastic bottles) are bonded using a solvent free, water-based glue. The lining is made of a DryNow fiber to make it ultra-wicking and increased insulation properties.

Inspired by the triathlon wetsuit, we developed a seamless pattern on articulated body parts allowing complete free mobility of the shoulders. We added knee pads for more comfort during paddling and greater durability. We can say that our wetsuit is certainly one of the most comfortable on the market with an outstanding 3 to 1 stretch ratio. The back pocket makes room for an extra long sleeve top layer in case of cold weather

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  • Picture LimeStone Stretch Technology 2.2 mm Long John
  • Zero Oil
  • Aquaglue lamination
  • Recycled Polyester lining
  • Silicone tape
  • Embossed flex
  • Knee pads
  • Motion pattern
  • Key pocket
  • Fuse cut