Tiedye Wallet by Wander Wallets


The Power of Tyvek: To put it bluntly, our wallets are designed to take a beating. We designed our wallets using Tyvek: a super strong, waterproof material made of tightly wound plastic fibers. Tyvek feels similar to paper, but don't be fooled: it is much stronger than most traditional wallet materials! We dare you to make our wallets cry uncle!

Waterproof: You may get wet in your wanders, but you can rest easy knowing your cash, cards, or whatever else you have in your Wander Wallet will be protected.

Lightweight: Since our wallets are made of Tyvek, they are significantly lighter than traditional wallet materials, you’ll be amazed to see where you can fit your Wander Wallet.

Recyclable: We are all about maintaining the world in which we wander. Not only are our wallets made of post-recycled material, but our recycling program will give you flexibility in choosing your new Wander Wallet and peace of mind knowing that we will responsibly recycle your old wallet.

Versatile: Our wallets can hold as many cards and as much cash as you need. Featuring an 4 easy access card slots and a larger secret compartment, you can easily get what you need while protecting what you want. Plus, our wallets can hold virtually all forms of currency in the world! 

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