Surfer Dudes

Surfer Dudes


The world's first self-righting toy surfboard. Powered by Waves (NO batteries — Just Surf!™)

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Patented* Unitized Assembly

Easy snap assembly; hours of beach fun!

2-D Surfer Dudes® Stabilizer Figure

Streamlines your Dude for fantastic tricks!

Unsinkable EVA Power-Foam Board

NO batteries required! Powered by waves!™

Gnarly Graphics!

Patented* Wave Arc Nose Shape

Ride the waves! Just Surf It!™

Patented* Souvenir Bump

Displays your Dude upright at home after your epic surf sessions!

Patented* Hyrdo-Boomerang Technology

Precise wing-board incidence angle keeps your Dude ON the waves, surfing back to you!

Patented* Self-Righting Hydrodynamic Manta Wing

Surfer Dudes exclusive! Flips your Dude upright if a wave rolls it over!

Patented* Pro-Vortex Wing Tips

Hydrodynamic reactive wing tips throw down "rad" tricks!

Patented* Dual Chrome-Tech Internal Ballast "Equalizer" System

Counterweights balance your Dude for amazing tricks in the surf!

Patented* Skeg

Navigates your Dude back to shore shredding the waves!